iParent Now: Parenting prodigals and children in the 21st century

The story unfolds anew in countless families generation after generation: a prodigal child breaks family ties and hearts. Parents despair, grieve, and pray.

When children choose the way of the prodigal, what parenting lessons can we learn from how God parents us?

Examining the Parable of the Prodigal Son through a twenty-first-century lens, Dr. Lon Flippo grapples with explosive family issues. With raw emotion and personal insight, he shares a modern-day parable of love, loss, and restoration. He then tackles the problems families of prodigals know all too well, revealing the prescription in God’s Word and offering practical applications for today’s families. iParent inspires weary parents of prodigals to faithfully trust, unswervingly hope, and extravagantly love.

As Christian parents, the goal is to teach children about God, help them find their own faith in Christ and how to turn to God when they are struggling. In his latest book, iParent: Parenting prodigals and children in the 21st Century, Dr. Lon Flippo shares new lessons for parents from the Parable of the Lost Son in two parts.

Part 1

In a heart-rendering read, the Parable of the Lost Son is retold from beginning to end. A generous, loving father provides for his two sons until, one day, the younger son leaves in anger, rejecting all that is his father has taught. The older son resents his rebellious brother and doesn’t understand why he won’t just do what’s right, respect their dad and carry his weight in the family. So he has no problem with his brother’s departure.

The dad, however, has a broken heart. Find out how the father responds in this compelling modern rendition of Christ’s parable from Luke.

Part 2

Dr. Flippo makes a compelling argument for viewing the story from a new perspective to glean practical lessons and biblical advice for parenting. Parents of young children will learn the essentials of building a strong moral foundation and find practical advice for doing so. Parents of older children and teenagers will discover how to respond to rebellious behavior. And throughout this non-fiction section, all parents will find hope and encouragement through Flippo’s depiction of God as the loving, gracious Father watching for your prodigal child to return home to him.