Dr. Lon W. Flippo preaching at Family Community Church, San Jose, California.

Dr. Lon Flippo has written several Christian parenting books and publications related to faith, church and parenting children in a secularized society. Practical, helpful and packed with biblical insight about parenting, Flippo’s books approach the topic of Christian parenting from the perspective of a believer, pastor and parent who has lived what he writes about. As a pastor, he has provided spiritual counsel and support to parents, living with prodigal children. As an educator and leader, he has contributed to professional ministry publications and spoken at national conferences about family ministry best practices and parenting ministry. Finally, as a parent, he raised his own children in the church, modeling for his congregations what he taught about God’s grace and parenting.

Flippo’s Christian parenting books and his fictional work, Sepulchre, are all available in digital and print format. Order any or all of the books using Apple Pay, by mailing a check or contacting Dr. Flippo. View and buy online through the iParetNow, Inc., secure Square portal, call Dr. Flippo at (316) 305-0769 to make arrangements for a Pay Pal payment. or order by mailing a check plus $3 Shipping & Handling to the address below.

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Sepulchre a novel

She lives in a sepulcher of pain. Will she die in it too? Don’t miss this riveting Christian parenting book based on the parable of the lost sheep. Learn how far one Christian father went to find his stolen, streetwalker daughter and bring her home. The lessons for parents and society are many in this moving, emotional tale of faith, hope and love.

Copyright 2015
Lon W. Flippo

iParent: Parenting prodigals and children in the 21st century

The story unfolds anew in countless families generation after generation: a prodigal child breaks family ties and hearts. Christian parents despair, grieve, and pray. When children choose the way of the prodigal, what Christian parenting lessons can we learn from how God parents us? Whether your child is typical or pushing the boundaries beyond your core values, this Christian parenting book helps you guide, influence ad love your child as God, the perfect Father, does for each of us. 

Copyright 2014 By Lon W. Flippo

Soul Survivor: Reflections on life from an abandoned child

How does a soul survive when abandoned as a child … … by an irresponsible, cheating mother….by abusive caregivers….by an overwhelmed, institutionalized father? In this memoir, Flippo reminisces about his childhood and the valuable lessons he learned from his aunt and uncle who raised him. The end result is a Christian parenting book packed with lessons for parents and adults who survived abandonment.

Copyright 2010
By Lon W. Flippo

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