Is Christianity Outdated?

Is Christianity Outdated?

The church is almost as old as humanity itself. Since our birth as a species we have had an insatiable desire to learn, seek, and find answers about our existence. Although many believe the church is an age-old tradition, rooted in practices developed long before our lives ever started, the truth is the church changes with the rest of the world. It’s a common misconception among non-Christians that Christianity is outdated and old news. But today’s churches are adapting again — even using modern technology.

The spiritual & human cost of piety

It becomes so easy for us to rest in our piety… assuming that we are right. We may flail about with our our voices shrieking like nails on a chalkboard, but it won’t make a difference in the end if we are right. For not only are our voices silently echoing back at us, but more often than not, others (the people of this world) are quietly ignoring us (the people of the Church). The question for us as Christian parents is this: How, then, should we live?

Paradox of the ‘American Dream’

The essence of the American dream is that if you work hard enough, move fast enough and dream big enough you will achieve your goals. “Pursue your dreams and follow your heart,” is the message we have been seduced with, cajoled to reach for, and coaxed to live by from birth – into adulthood – and to death. Inherent to this statement is the assumption that pursuing our dreams and following our hearts produces happiness, peace of mind, success and more. Herein lies the paradoxical problem of living by this principle.