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Christian parenting speaker, preacher and teacher

Dr. Lon Flippo and his wife are available to speak about Christian parenting topics upon request. Contact Dr. Flippo for more information about parenting sermons, half-day seminars and special events to encourage parents and children’s ministry staff members.

iParent Now, a seminar for Christian parents

The iParentNow seminar is the culmination of years of research for Dr. Lon Flippo’s doctoral work, 25 plus years of parenting experience and 30 plus years of life experience as a Senior, Family Life and Children’s Pastor. The seminar includes three sessions, each of which is followed by small group discussions that encourage parents to connect with each other – something seminar participants report as being extremely helpful for improving their parenting skills, finding encouragement and more.

The goal of the seminar is to launch parenting connection groups, thereby fulfilling the support, encouragement and accountabiolity function that the extended family performed when families lived under the same roof or in the same towns. Prior to the seminar, Dr. Flippo meets briefly with the table leaders to train them on leading the discussions.

Session 1: Information

Dr. Flippo uses humor to casually share about how major changes in society, such as education, technology and increased standard of living, have impacted children and the parenting relationships. Following session one, table leaders guide discussion surrounding current cultural trends and how they are impacting them, their parenting decisions and their children.

Session 2: Insight

In session 2, Dr. Flippo sheds biblical light on ways to raise, discipline and love children in the context of our unhealthy, me-driven culture. The goal of this session is to help parents begin prioritizing and narrowing their parenting goals down to the things that truly matter. For example, what role does technology, such as cell phone, computer and music devices, play in the home and in the daily life of a child? How do we keep these things in perspective? Do children have to play sports or take dance and miusic lessons to grow up to be healthy, productive members of society? Are extracurricular activities a goal in themselves? If our children do them, how do parents keep them in proper perspective with God’s priorities and goals for your children.

Session 3: Inspiration

Finally, Dr. Flippo takes parents on a spiritual exploration of a parable Christ taught that teaches us valuable lessons on how to parent from birth to young adulthood. The parable of the Prodigal son provides inspiration to stay the course of biblical parenting.