The book and video series, Effective Parenting In A Defective World, by Chip Ingram (Focus on the Family, 2006), is a powerful, practical guide for parents with children of all ages. We also highly recommend the DVD study and guide for small groups or Sunday School classes.

Photo of DVD series, Effective parenting in a defective world

Effective Parenting in a Defective World, DVD small group study, with Chip Ingram.

We used the video series curriculum and discussion guide with our small group when our children were teenagers. The discussions encouraged group members to consider their choices as parents, what they said and how to navigate difficult concepts.

The lessons are practical and helpful for parents, particularly those entering the late elementary and early teen years. Ingram and his wife provide tips and insights from their own experience as parents. They encourage parents to transition from being the authority figure, or “in-charge” of all their child’s decisions, to an influencer. Ideally, both parents, whether married or divorced, should participate in the study, but even single parents can benefit from this Christian parenting study.

One thing to keep in mind is that Ingram and his wife have lived what they teach in this powerful parenting series. Their own son left the faith for a time and they and their son share about lessons learned through the process of their son’s restoration to God and family.