The church is almost as old as humanity itself. Since our birth as a species we have had an insatiable desire to learn, seek, and find answers about our existence. Although the church is an age-old tradition, rooted in practices developed long before our lives ever started, the truth is the church changes with the rest of the world. It’s a common misconception among non-Christians that Christianity is outdated and old news. But today’s churches are adapting again — even using modern technology.

What people forget is that when society changes so does its counterparts – especially something like religion. Churches across the country have adapted and grown, utilizing technology to reach their congregation and market their message to the masses.

Is church outdated?

Bruce Miller of Christ Fellowship Church says the church’s message has never changed, but the way they share it has. They invested resources in their website to create a rich and engaging experience for their congregation. They also created, where each week’s bible verses and sermon outlines are updated on a sleek, responsive website. Christ Fellowship Church also utilizes QR Codes on their worship pamphlets to help church attendees connect with news, events, and bible study groups. They didn’t stop there, the church also launched an online church campus where they stream their services every Sunday – they average over 500 viewers every week.

Impact Church also streams their services online. They average an impressive 1,000 users per month. No longer are the days where the size of a congregation are just the people that attend weekly services, numbers have to be altered to accommodate for virtual subscribers. Probably one of the most impressive feats from Impact Church is the use of drones (specifically a model called the Phantom 3) to film their services. The church is modern, advanced, and rather edgy.

But Impact is not alone. Walk into almost any progressive church across the country and you’ll see a live band with lights and music. You might ask yourself, “Am I at a concert or am I at church?” Creating a rich multimedia experience has been a revolution in millennial-focused churches for years now. Younger people are using technology incessantly – constantly on their phones, tablets, computers, or wearables. To not integrate technological platforms into the church because of tradition might be a misuse of the insatiable desire that humans crave.

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