4 Lessons About Pain

4 Lessons About Pain

Amid the uncertainties of life, parents can teach their children how to maintain healthy relationships, live by faith, choose wisely and to accept the consequences of their choices. Read about four spiritually healthy responses to pain caused by people, events and circumstances.

Unplug your child from you; plug into God

From the first day on earth every child is plugged into mom and dad to meet all their needs. There is a network of invisible wires connecting us to our children. Our task as a spiritual parent is to carefully unplug this network of invisible wires connecting them with us and then reconnect them to the Lord.

The spiritual & human cost of piety

It becomes so easy for us to rest in our piety… assuming that we are right. We may flail about with our our voices shrieking like nails on a chalkboard, but it won’t make a difference in the end if we are right. For not only are our voices silently echoing back at us, but more often than not, others (the people of this world) are quietly ignoring us (the people of the Church). The question for us as Christian parents is this: How, then, should we live?