Suspended in space, dangling like a floating network of invisible cables, children are born connected to their parents. First breaths demand nourishment, shelter, and clothing. Rocketing to adulthood, the wires waver from physical and intellectual to emotional and financial, each demanding an exacting payment.

The task of Christian parents is to carefully unplug the network of invisible wires connecting them to parents and reconnect them to God.

Christian parents would be wise to not neglect the importance of spiritual training. This might happen when they move out and get their own place, go to college, or get married. Somewhere along the journey they must unplug from parents and start the process of connecting to GOD. That’s really the essence of spiritual parenting.

Teach children to become independently dependent on Jesus Christ.

What 6waystoparentdoes spiritual parenting look like? Kids can only hitchhike off their parents’ or guardian’s values for so long.

Ultimately they must take ownership of their OWN values and beliefs.

Part of teaching children to obey Christ is showing them how to take their worries, fears, and emotions to the Lord. Every parent will have those precious “teachable moments” when they direct a child’s fears and emotions to the Lord. It may come in the middle of a late-night thunderstorm when they crawl into your bed afraid of the dark or when a parent prepares to leave on a business trip and a child expresses concern over a safe return. It might be when they hear Mom and Dad arguing—they seek reassurance that Mommy and Daddy still love each other even when they fight.

God gives parents daily opportunities to spiritually teach and train children the secrets of faith. Whether learning about fear or God’s will for our individual lives, the goal for kids internalizes one big idea: Even if parents can’t relieve fears, God can and will.

The essence of spiritual parenting teaches children to become less and less dependent on parents and more and more dependent on Christ.